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6mm Dasher, Case of 100
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Norma - 6mm Dasher, Case of 100

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     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:
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    SKU: BL11293

    This 6mm Dasher Brass has been custom made by Norma for and is available exclusively from A special blend of brass together with special treatment of the primer pockets has produced brass that will last for many firings under normal use. The necks have been specially lengthened and are .290" from shoulder. Overall length is 1.598" and neck walls are approximately .013" thick. Available in packs of 100 or 500.

    Please note that this extra-sturdy brass has a thicker rim which may not work in your standard shell holder.

    Please note: The necks on these cases are .050" longer than Dasher chambers that were used in the past.

    If you plan on using this brass in old 6mm Dasher chambers, then you will have to trim .050" off from these cases. However, you have the following options for using this brass AS-IS:

    1) Have your gunsmith make the neck and throat longer on your existing chamber.

    2) You can use the T10902 reamer that we sell that will specifically chamber this brass.

    The rim thickness of the brass may require the use of a different shell holder that is also available from us. BL12100 is a special Norma 6mm Dasher shell holder.

    A matching reamer is available from us. Model T10902, made by Pacific Tool & Gauge.



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    5/ 5stars

    Ive fire formed Lapua 6mm BR brass for years and got maybe 6 reloads from it. The Norma Dasher brass seems to take on reloads for ever. That would be: HEAVY reloads. This brass is like extra super heavy duty stuff and I win a lot with it. Try it, you wont be disappointed. BTW: you'll have to get a chamber reamer and shell holder but you'll make that up in brass saved in no time. I weigh cases as well and after uniforming the primer pockets and neck turning all the cases come in at less than +/- .5 grains.

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