36 - 55 x 52mm with Zoom Eyepiece

This revolutionary and totally uniquely designed scope was introduced in 2009 and is the only 2nd Focal Plane scope in existence that does not change the Point-of-Aim when zoomed from 36x to 55x or anywhere in between! The turrets have caps with a built-in adjustment feature for locking and unlocking the turrets. The high quality lenses provide superior image resolution that make March scopes the best scopes on the range or in the field. A perfect scope for Benchrest, F-Class or Long Range competition! Zoom eyepiece moves in and out.

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March scopes are trusted by hundreds of benchrest shooters who demand maximum performance from their equipment

With Turret Caps

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With Turret Caps Removed

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EP Zoom 36 - 55 x 52mm
A 364-387mm (14.3-15.2 inch)
B 146mm (5.7 inch)
C 60mm (2.4 inch)
D 44mm (1.7 inch)
E 136mm (5.4 inch)
F 82-105mm (3.2-4.1 inch)
G 61mm (2.4 inch)
H 48mm (1.9 inch)
630g (22.2oz)

Includes a Set of Leather Lens Caps

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  • 30mm Body
  • 52mm Objective Lens
  • Elevation 30 MOA
  • Windage 30 MOA
  • Focus Down to 10 Yards
  • Tactical Knobs
  • Click Adjustment ½ MOA
  • Eye Relief:
  • 82-91mm (3.23-3.58 inch)
  • 66-75mm (2.6-2.95 inch)
  • Modifier Disk
  • Eye Piece Zoom
  • Leather Lens Caps


332 MOA DOT Reticle


Crosshair Reticle