50 x 52mm Fixed Power Scopes For Bench Rest

Serious Benchrest shooters need intuitive features on their scope, and March is here to deliver. March scopes feature clean, tactile clicks, so you never need to raise your gaze to dial-in your windage or elevation. Our tight, finely-tuned side focus will leave your image beautifully clear and parallax free.

Some scopes are too powerful. Some scopes are too weak. But our fixed-power scopes are just right for Benchrest competition. At 50x magnification, your target will be crystal clear without you having to worry about image quality even when conditions are less than ideal.

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Includes a Set of Leather Lens Caps

With Turret Caps

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With Turret Caps Removed

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EP Zoom 36 - 55 x 52mm
A 363mm (14.3 inch)
B 157mm (6.2 inch)
C 60mm (2.4 inch)
D 41mm (1.6 inch)
E 140mm (5.5 inch)
F 66mm (2.6 inch)
G 61mm (2.4 inch)
H 59mm (2.3 inch)
590g (20.8oz)


  • 30mm Body
  • 52mm Objective Lens
  • Elevation 30 MOA
  • Windage 30 MOA
  • Focus Down to 10 Yards
  • Eye Relief 76-86mm (2.99-3.39 inch)
  • Click Adjustment 1⁄8 MOA
  • Modifier Disk
  • Fixed Power Scopes
  • Include a Set of Leather Lens Caps

50x Fixed Power Scopes


332 MOA DOT Reticle


332 MOA DOT Reticle
Silver Finish